Saturday, July 30, 2011

Montblanc offers bespoke nibs service

Now this is an interesting article indeed, a bespoke service for MB pens! According to the article, it is going for Euro 600.00 for this service for the nib, which they can install into your existing pen or a new one. I wonder if it is possible to do one that can help me with sketching in the same time. Now I think that will be worth considering. Here's the copy of the text from the original article, just in case they ended the link; dated 8th June 2011 on

There is nothing more unique than a person's handwriting, as individual as a human fingerprint. Every stroke, every line of ink left on a paper reveals something special about its author. A signature is the lasting mark of someone's personality. So it was only a matter of time before Montblanc, manufacturer of the finest writing instruments, would develop the technology necessary to capture the individuality of human writing to offer the ultimate bespoke service – the creation of a personalized nib.

Montblanc can now decipher the distinctive style and form of anyone's writing so that it can be emphasized in a bespoke nib.

Montblanc, recognized for over 100 years for its pioneering spirit and its innovation, is the first manufacturer to successfully identify the personal characteristics of an individual's handwriting so that this valuable data can be used to create a customized nib. Writing characteristics can now be analyzed and recorded, measured by special software exclusively made for Montblanc. Even though technology enables measurements to be taken, the nib is still handmade and the final decision and recommendation for a perfect nib can only be made by Montblanc's skilful master craftsmen of the nib manufacture.

These expert artisans continue to inject Montblanc's writing instruments with a soul. Among the countless measurements, which are needed to ensure a perfectly personalized nib, five of them are key: writing speed, writing pressure, pen rotation, swing range and inclination angle. Once these measurements have been taken by Montblanc's writing culture experts, the bespoke nib is manufactured in an iterative process of hand grinding by the craftsmen of the nib manufacture to ensure a unique piece to be treasured by its owner. Precision is crucial to the process and every tiniest detail counts. Only a perfectly crafted nib will ever make it into the hands of its owner.

For an even more personalized touch, the gold nib can be inscribed with the customer's name: “Handcrafted for …”. This inscription, engraved into the precious metal, is a clear reminder that this is a one-of-a-kind piece that will never be copied. The owner of a personalized Montblanc writing instrument should be confident that every detail of his writing will come to life, with heightened emotion and style.

The Montblanc Bespoke Nib Service is available at Montblanc Boutiques in Hong Kong and Singapore and at Montblanc Headquarters in Hamburg, and will be available in more boutiques, soon.

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