Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spicy Lemongrass Prawns

Thai food has always been our favourite type of food and lemongrass is a core ingredient in Thai food recipe. Here is an experimental Thai inspired recipe that’s easy and quick!

 diced lemongrass


1.       Prawns – shell and head removed 3 cups
2.       Cook and shredded chicken meat – ½ cup
3.       Lemongrass – diced – 1 cup
4.       Onions – diced – 5 tbsp
5.       Red Chili – diced, and also cut for garnishing – 5 tbsp
6.       Garlic –diced – 5 tbsp
7.       String beans – cut into 2-3 inches ½ cup
8.       Cooking oil – 5 tbsp
9.       Sugar and salt to taste
10.   Prawn stock – ¼ cup

It is important to get all the above ready when the wok or frying pan is ready as this is a quick dish to prepare and best served warmed.
1.       Heat up oil on medium heat
2.       Pour in diced garlic, chili, onions and lemongrass, 1 tbsp sugar and sauté
3.       Prawn goes in and get a good coverage of the ingredients over it.
4.       Put in String beans and shredded chicken meat
5.       Add stock slowly and gradually to mix it even while stirring
6.       Add salt to taste
7.       Remove and serve immediately.

There you go, quick and easy!

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