Sunday, April 3, 2011

Caran D’Ache- Leman Ebony Black- Review

Appearance and Design 8/10
Simple, classic and elegant. There’s something about the proportion of this instrument that I really like, that other pens can’t achieve in terms of balance of looks and appearance. It is not too flashy with its silver plated and rhodium coated trims and black lacquer finish. The golden and rhodium plated nib is proportionate to the pen and looks really elegant. There’s strength behind its simplicity and form.

Construction and Quality 8/10
The metal barrel with lacquer finish over it does have some weight behind it. The heavier mass gives confidence and a solid feel to it, suggesting that this is made to last. Rhodium coat will maintain its shine for a longer time compared to other metals and lacquer finish is a better option to the standard resin. I’d imagine this pen to maintain its good looks for a longer period of time. Pictures may tell a thousand words but nothing can be said about how it feels in the hands until one handles it. Superbly well built!

Weight and Dimension 7/10
Heavier than most pen of the same size, there are more metal parts behind the lacquer and the good weight gives a good feel and encourages me to grip better. I can even write it well not capped on a good day, but having it capped still gives a better grip. Both works for me, often the former to reduce risk of scratching the surface.

Nib and Performance 7.5/10
Smooth, stiff and slightly scratchy with my M nib, but with the right angle and the right paper, it outperforms my MB Starwalker. It skips and pauses a bit in the beginning but has improved so far. You can really feel the surface of the nib on the paper, much like a sport suspension on a sports car, bumpy but fun. I like the writing coming out from it as it has more character. Using Carbon CdA ink now and I just love the tones. I’m rotating it with my
Starwalker. Definitely not boring.

Filling System & Maintenance. 6/10
Piston converter, have no issues so far and easy to refill. Options to use cartridge is available as well.

Cost & Value 7/10
You know what you are paying for when you pick up this pen and it is in the solid construction quality. Nearing the price of a MB 146, it’s a solid pen makes you want to pick it up again and again. I have previously bought a Caran d’Arche Ecridor Eclat for my wife from the same boutique and the sales person gave me a good discount for the Leman and all the ink cartridges and bottle to go with it. I am already considering of another CdA FP in the future.

Conclusion (7.25)
I’m loving it to bits. It is going to be challenging to find another pen to match up the feel and quality of a Caran d’Arche. I’ve tried other FP in their range like the Ecridor and Varius and all seems to have a character of their own. Its tight, its clean looking, and it’s a Swiss. This is for keeps!

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