Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dry Curry Noodle

Craving for some of the food we used to taste back home, my wife and I decided to try to make our own Dry Curry Noodle dish. It's really a simple dish that you can do at home and can be easily improvised to suit your taste.


Essentially the ingredients can be divided into 3 categories:

A. The Curry Stew
  1. Shrimps
  2. Instant curry chicken mix
  3. Coconut Milk
  4. Cockles or Clams
  5. Fishcake and Fishball
  6. Tau Foo - Firm type, preferably fried

B. The Garnishing 
  1. Bean sprout
  2. Egg plant
  3. Long Beans cut into 2 inches
  4. Boiled/cooked sliced chicken meat
  5. Caramelized Onions

C. The Dry Noodle 
  1. Yellow Noodle - Fresh
  2. Oyster Sauce
  3. Sweet Soya Sauce
  4. Dark Soya Sauce
  5. Vegetable Oil
As the ingredients are divided into 3, the right order is that A and B can be prepared together as they take time, C should be the last as this dish has to be eaten warm and fresh when put together.


Preparing the Curry Stew
This is a simple curry stew and to save time, we would recommend using a quick mix of curry chicken mix to ease the process.
1. Remove heads from shrimps
2. Braise the heads in water to make stock
3. Heat oil in another pan and heat the instant curry mix
4. Pour in shrimp stock and coconut milk
5. Salt to taste
6. Add in clams/cockles, fish cake and fish ball and tau foo and cook in slow fire.
The stew is then ready to serve when the noodle is ready.

Preparing the Garnishing
Though I call it a garnishing, it is essentially part of the meal that completes it
1. Wash and drain bean sprout - ready to be eaten fresh
2. Egg plant to be cut into small slices, set aside on a try, sprinkled with salt and let it sit for about half and hour. You'll notice water is being drained out, after which use a kitchen tower to dab and dry it as much as possible. Saute it together with the cut up long beans until slightly browned - set aside and ready to serve. Salt to taste if you like.

Preparing The Dry Noodle
1. Prepare a pot of boiling water
2. On a mixing bowl, add vegetable oil, oyster sauce, sweet and a little dark soya sauce to stand by.
3. Blanch the fresh yellow noodles and drain them quickly when starting to soft
4. Mix the noodles into the mixing bowl.
5. Add a bit of pepper powder if you like

Putting the Dish Together 
As soon as the noodle is mixed, place them on the serving plate and have the garnishing over it. The curry stew should be served along side with it. Sambal sauce goes very well with it as well.


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