Thursday, July 28, 2011

Details and Interiors: Bukit Bintang - Part 2

As I am in the topics of interior, here are some pictures of last year's Christmas season photo of Pavilion. The impressive amount of budget put into the space really reflects on the confidence to boost the consumer's appetite during the holiday season.

having some of these decorations on the exteriors somewhat attracts more footfall into the building.

the change of color and texture and a variety of grain of elements changes the atmosphere of the interior entirely for this space

cafe which capitalizes on open space and high-volume always seems to work to add more life into the otherwise lack-of-human-scale space.

I'm just wondering how is this year going to compete or be different from the last. They are gonna have to top this one.

Another interior/exterior space which I really enjoy is the naturally ventilated gap between the Cinema and the rest of the mall in Pavilion. There are many restaurants and eateries within the space that creates a buzz of life, different from an entirely indoor experience.

Exceptionally wide corridor arcade space allows spill over spaces along it, making it less formal and more inviting

of course, media element is always an appreciated added layer of information to the space. Is anyone really looking into that screen, I wonder....

this in-between space of just a covered roof, capitalizes on shadow casting over a narrow corridor and perhaps indirect cooling from the adjacent air-cond diffuser. I hope to see more climatic responsive space designed like these to have a more sustainable energy use in the future developments in the country.

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